Building a remote work culture across globally-distributed teams

Implementing Agile at scale for a pioneer in mobile banking.


Internationally-located teams are fast becoming the new norm in the software development industry. With this shift comes challenges on both the technical and cultural front. Collaboration is key, but how to best facilitate this for remote teams?

YellowPepper is a company set on reinventing mobile banking and payment solutions. The organisation took the helm in building a groundbreaking payment ecosystem across the LATAM market, one that aimed to significantly refine the user experience in making payments and money transfers.


With regional teams across Miami, Lima, Mexico, São Paulo and Bogotá, project participation across locations was crucial. PALO IT was brought on board to establish a formal cooperative relationship between stakeholders and development teams. 

Implementing both Agile methodology and a bespoke set of collaborative tools, the team built open, interactive and traceable communication portals within the YellowPepper organisation.


The technical side

  • Front-end development for an administrative portal of the payment platform.
  • More sound collaboration of the distributed Scrum teams by constructing the P2P payment API, and real-time payment capabilities across applications, leading to a seamless and safe experience among YellowPepper users.

The cultural side

  • More effective use of communication channels, and long-term advisement on good cooperation and management practices.
  • A diversified product offering, and a reduced time to market.
"We’ve been flawlessly working—in short Agile iterations—on several projects with distributed teams across four countries, in great part thanks to the strong collaboration between our teams."
Alexander Sjögren
CTO, YellowPepper